Daily watercolors of whatever I feel like capturing on paper.

My name is Anna Olson and I created Watercolor Wall to catalogue some of my paintings. I've been making art all my life, but started painting with watercolors when I was about thirteen. Message me if you have any requests.

All work on this blog is mine unless otherwise stated. Please don't share it without giving me credit.
Q: Whats a good tip for watercoloring hair? (Wavy hair)
Asked by Anonymous
Q: your blog is amazing <3 I'm obsessed. I run the watercolor blog: daydreaminginwatercolors
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Q: i really want the lana del rey watercolors for my wall so bad ugh
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A gift for Shannon Elgin
It&#8217;s been way too long since I&#8217;ve posted, but thank you for sticking around. &lt;3
Well hey, it&#8217;s been a while! I made a honeybee-inspired piece for my friend. I just felt like experimenting with watercolors and pen on a lil canvas.
xx Anna
Appreciation post…
"Ruby" - close-up
a piece I made for my friend&#8217;s birthday
see the whole painting here
xx Anna
a piece I made for my friend&#8217;s birthday
xx Anna
Q: the rihanna watercolor is perfect, thanks
Asked by c-l-e-oh-p-a-t-r-a
by: anna
Figure Drawing Series: 6/6
xx Anna
Figure Drawing Series: 5/6
xx Anna
Figure Drawing Series: 4/6
xx Anna
Figure Drawing Series: 3/6
xx Anna
Figure Drawing Series: 2/6
xx Anna
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